Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Friday, December 23, 2016

my ecrater shop is onhold for now

sadly I am not very organized have found it necessary to put my ecrater shop on hold. At least through the holidays. Then we will try and start back up

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

my painted diy projects

summer in the midwest was too hot. i grew new grass where mine had died. but it died again. so much for miracle grow. the heat was just too much for it. big bare patch to try again next year. now that the weather is a bit more tolerable, i managed to paint a few small things. these are all things nobody wanted until i got them. now they are fun to look at and enjoy. i would be painting today but instead am sitting under my partially enclosed carport listening to the rain pouring down yep pouring. the big white table isnt quite done yet and is under a tarp. it will be fine though. it is the heaviest table i have ever encountered!

Monday, June 15, 2015

researching antique books update~

AS i have found after working on this page virtually three or so days straight, library people really do have tiring exhausting work...research is fun, treasure hunting for old books is fun, but recording everything is not so fun...
.at least for me. i am exhausted, and keep getting all the books mixed up...
was working on one box, then another, and never yet went back to get the photos...
t0o many treasures all at once can be too much of a good thing...did i really just say that? maybe a nap, and then back to these books...! maybe even a new box full :)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

antique books

Ever wonder what it is like to drive by a secret hidden driveway that most likely winds up a hill into a forest of wooded area filled with trees so far back from the street that you cannot even see a house or two there?

Yep, have lived here most of my 40 something years give ortake a few years and not once did i ever know what was at the top of that windy hill driveway.

Til this past week when i saw the pretty bright neon green estate sale sign. the windy road had a curb luckily for the sense of false security most likely, to keep me from worrying too much about going off the narrow drive right straight down a deep wooded ravine filled with greenery...the road was wide enough for two vehicles. but still it was a narrow space.

at the top of the hill, there was a man directing cars to park for the sale. i saw a huge green yard separate from any house with several cars filling the large space. quite aways past that was what appeared to be an enormous house, yet i could only see the top of it due to yet more trees, hills and forest. IT was the ppast carriage house for the property. The man said another person lived there separately from the estate sale. which was off to the left, just around a short curve in the driveway was a 4 story mansion surrounded by many trees and a small yard and path surrounding the massive home. er mansion in my opinion.

inside the place was filled with antique everything. in every single room. on every single floor except the fourth floor lookout tower area which was blocked off from the attic. no one was allowed past the yellow caution tape and there were items placed for sale on each step within reach of curious shoppers who love estate sales, or like me, were just curious to tour a massive hidden home and finally see what was hidden beyond the drive up that windy road.
The house was comfortable as if it had been there a hundred years and everyone felt at home when they walked in the door.

hundreds upon hundreds of antique and vintage books in every room practically, old trunks and if you know me and my love for chairs, well i could hardly contain myself from not emptying my bank account to load my suv with lots of random wood vintage and antique chairs at less than 20 dollars each. some were 10 some were even 5 each.

I did contain myself much as i loved the character of each and every single chair there and wanted to bring every one of them home to freshen them up. dust and old paint are not becoming of any chair that is left abandoned along with the scary creepy 3 foot doll missing its hands which i also brought home.

You see, my love for books is almost equal to or surpasses my love of chairs and even greater if they are antique books. so i did what any reasonable person with a passion for antique books would do in my case. i suprised myself in leaving all but the two chairs i picked to bring home, and instead went back four days in a row to load boxes of antique books in boxes to bring home. and not just boxes but if you know me....haha, you would also know i even stopped myself from filling the suv with vintage suitcases and old trunks. sadly i would have taken them all if that was possible. in my case, it was not due to budget constraints, which yes, means i was pretty broke at the time. but not too broke to at least get a couple vintage suitcases which i was happy with and filled with books, for the simple reasoning that one could not carry all those books without a carrying case for them. especially when there werent a lot of boxes around the place.

so yes, here i am at almost midnight on a saturday night searching ebay, amazon and google as well as wikipedia for book titles from the late 1800s and early 1900s...that is about as old as the books get. would be great to find some older but for now this is the most i have found that were somewhat affordable in a long time.
Even went as far as stretching my vocabulary a little since some books are in different languages. I have no clue even how to google translate some of them but am trying!

and you are darn right if you wondered if i would list really super outrageously high prices for each one on ebay. who knows, maybe i have that one rare book. if not, the listings will expire and i will at least be able to get back out of the books what i paid for them if they dont sell there.

A friend was out of town this week luckily since just last week on a thrifting trip she found several old books and some twine that were very affordable. i had to fill her in on the fact that her plan to tie them together with a pretty little piece of twine after chalkpainting them for staging purposes for her painted furniture would be a bad idea if one of her books turned out to be a first edition. i will never know as she didnt say a word in reply to my warning. felt it was best to try and save the books and a friend if she had a book worth selling rather than painting. all books in my opinion older than 1960 are worth saving really. but who am i to say...

so exciting! i love researching old books and treasure hunting. this is one of the best things i have done in a long time. treasure hunting from the couch to see what i dragged home makes it pretty easy really. will let you know if i find anything good!

i did start making a list and do have a few photos and links to ebay as well for a few listings. there is a tab to a separate page here just for the books.! be sure to check it out often and see if there isnt something new you will learn about the history of old books in my newly acquired library.

it just doesnt seem right that i love the books enough to bring them home, to my home, which does not have a library....when the four story mansion had a library and all the books were already tucked neatly away on their would have made much more sense to simply move into the mansion and let the books stay in their rightful spots...right? too bad i couldnt just afford that half million dollar mansion! now i have boxes filled with books that do not have their own spots yet. they will. soon. i hope. maybe i can find a few of them new homes. do you have a library for them?

Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy June 2015~

am happy to say i have put my amazon listings on hold to edit and update each and every listing there. WIll be back up and running soon~

 I have been to many estate sales in my area and have found tons of new treasures to share with you~now...if only my smart phone would gain more memory i could actually use apps i would love to try such as 5miles and another i have tried but had to delete til i upgrade, instagram.

finally tried chalk paint. Thanks to The Vintage Depot in Davenport, Iowa where i invested in several jars of Heirloom Traditions Paint. Color to begin with as i have never broke down til now to try chalk paint, are Gypsy Green, gotta love that name and the color! Hillbilly Blue, and Buttermilk. No one can stop me now..

Retro Rally in Rock Island is a yearly car show and vendor booths event with live music, entertainment and fun. This year was my first attending. Even finally invested in a canopy tent. the only cold and rainy day this month, it dropped down to below 65 that day. Thank you to those who stopped and cheered me up and even bought things. My fingers were numb the entire day.
Best highlight/ was meeting The Artery gallery, Rock Island, Illinois owner and her mom. The invite stands for friday at 5. I will be there :).

this is the before picture...amazing, if you hadnt noticed you will find i have an addiction to buffets despite having a smaller 50s home and no dining room. This one is finally in the process of being painted.~ 

This one is still in storage. and soon It will be my next candidate with pretty colors of grey and maybe off white, look at the little ornate trim piece across the cant wait to add some color and depth to this....and the rest will be a surprise...

This one has beautiful wood. all solid. no one wants it painted, yet no one wants to buy at the price i am asking. at least not in my area. look at those drawer pulls. this antique heavy and gorgeous monster of mission style or more primitive maybe...really deserves lots of polishing...not so sure painting would be good for it. i am torn...i love painting, but i love buffets just the way they are too.